Private Sessions

Book a private individual or group session. Each session will be tailored to your needs, whether you want a more challenging, strength building class or if you’d like to focus more on a gentle, restorative type of practice. Location will also be considered, whether you would like to practice in your private residence or out in nature (beach or park). Group sessions must have a minimum of 6 people.

Kids yoga

Kids yoga is offered for ages 3 years - 11 years. In each 45 min session children will learn breathing techniques, mindfulness, yoga postures, and meditation. Games may also be played to help facilitate focus, concentration and connection.

Yoga for Special Needs

Since 2003 I have worked as a paraeducator at Edison High School for students with special needs. I have experience with many different types of abilities ranging from moderate to severe. I’ve witnessed how yoga can positively affect special needs students by encouraging calmness, a sense of accomplishment and stress-reduction. Each session is tailored to the unique needs of the individual and poses may be adapted.

Price List